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Meeting Mary Lou and Bruce

I spent part of yesterday with two icons in sports, putting the finishing touches on a project that my team and I have been working on with them for months.

What a thrill!

I met Bruce Jenner and Mary Lou Retton in Los Angeles, when Wheaties unveiled some new retro boxes marking their achievements as champions. (Muhammad Ali also is featured on a new Wheaties box, but he wasn’t able to join us.)

I work in marketing for Wheaties and was excited to help get the word out about how we’re bringing back some of the most recognizable athletes in American culture to grace the cover of Wheaties boxes once again.

I knew it would be far from a typical day. As Mary Lou and I were texting, Bruce called me as if we were old friends, telling me he had arrived at the hotel that was hosting our event. They were both so down-to-earth and extremely grateful to be part of our announcement and to be back on the boxes again.

Little did they know that we were even more thrilled to be honoring them again!

Mary Lou and Bruce unveiled large cutouts of their boxes for the L.A. media. It was fun to see 4’9” Mary Lou high-five 6’2” Bruce Jenner as they reacted to the box images!

In their remarks to the media, both talked about the importance of believing in yourself, good nutrition and the impact that being on the Wheaties box had on their lives and careers.

Here’s some video:

Bruce shared with one of the attendees that “being on the Wheaties box single-handedly was the most defining moment” of his career other than winning gold in Montreal. He said he still has a collection of his original Wheaties boxes celebrating his performance in the decathlon. And to see his image on the box once again brought back all those memories for him, professionally and personally.

Mary Lou appeared on the Wheaties box – and was the first woman to be featured on the front of the box– after winning the All-Around Gold medal in 1984. She gave me a hug when we met and still fits that all-American girl image to a tee. Mary Lou’s two oldest daughters joined her at the event and thought it was so cool to see their Mom unveil her very own Wheaties box.

The time I spent with Mary Lou and Bruce was great – definitely one of my favorite box unveilings. They both embody exactly what it means to be a Wheaties Champion. Wheaties has a long relationship with them both, and I’m proud to have a small part in seeing it continue.

The retro Wheaties boxes featuring Bruce, Mary Lou and Muhammad Ali are available on cereal shelves across the country, through the fall. For more information, visit Wheaties.com.