Feb 10, 2012 • By

Model employees

Sometimes the best face for an ad campaign for one of our brands is someone who works for that brand.

That’s what Fiber One found out when it selected a few General Mills employees for images on packaging, its website and other marketing materials.

Molly King, an integrated marketing communications planner for our Snacks division, was among a group asked to participate in a photo shoot for Fiber One. She ended up being picked to be the face of Fiber One’s “Great Taste Giveaway” tied to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City.

“It felt fun! But I always warn people now to be careful which meetings they attend because you may end up on a package!” Molly says. “I was excited to be selected to bring the campaign to life.”

Molly says the photo shoot made her feel like a modeling pro.

“I walked into the studio thinking I would hold the Fiber One bar and smile my toothy smile and call it a day,” she says. “Then I saw the first model’s photo shoot, wind machine and all, and realized I had not properly prepared! So I copied all the moves of the first model, striking poses, and letting the wind machine do its trick! One of the best parts was the scarf handler – my red scarf was strung with fishing wire and someone stood just off-camera waving the wires to give the scarf movement!”

Molly is currently in New York, representing Fiber One at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Andrew Lainsbury, the integrated communication manager for the Grain businesses in the Snacks Division, also was part of the photo shoot for Fiber One.

His image ended up online as well as on large banners in our main office to promote the campaign.

Andrew says the photo shoot was a little stressful.

“I wasn’t too worked up until the hair gel went in and the funky clothes went on,” he says. “With the whole Snacks team watching, it was a little unnerving. But I found my center by remembering my core motivation – to spread the message about always keeping a Fiber One Bar in your bag!”

Andrew jokes that his first modeling gig might be his last. He doesn’t expect to be asked to do it again.

“I don’t think any of us have to worry about that happening. Leave ‘em wanting more is what I say!”