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News Bites – February 24, 2012

Innovation figures into a few of the posts we’re sharing in this week’s “News Bites,” including a grocery store … without groceries. We also have some great recipes from Tablespoon.com and Green Giant. This is our weekly roundup of a few links that cover the food industry, General Mills and our blog categories. We also highlight content from other General Mills blogs and websites.

“What Oat Hulls Can Teach Us About Tapping Employees’ Innovation” – GreenBiz

*Ellen Weinreb tells the story of John Hellweg, a General Mills retiree, who developed a system to convert oat hulls into biomass energy at our mill in Fridley, Minn. We produced a video about the project.

“Six Reasons Companies Should Embrace CSR” – Forbes

*On “The CSR Blog,” James Epstein-Reeves examines six business reasons why companies should embrace corporate social responsibility.

“Managing the Uncertainty of Open Innovation” – The Huffington Post

*General Mills is cited in this post from Robert F. Brands, of InnovationCoach.com. He shares some tips for nurturing open innovation in a business, the concept where companies “co-innovate” with their partners, suppliers, and customers to solve a business or product issue.

“Edible food packaging is the future, Harvard developer claims” – FoodProductionDaily.com

*Edible packaging? Harvard professor David Edwards talks about his work on packaging technology aimed at eliminating the need for plastic containers.

“Virtual shopping moves into food aisles” – The Age

*Rachel Wells reports on a virtual supermarket unveiled by Woolworths in Melbourne, Australia, similar to previous stores in South Korea and China. “Mumbrella” also blogged about a Woolworth’s virtual store in Sydney.

Notable posts from various General Mills communities:

“Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats” – Tablespoon

*Jackie Fogartie, of Charlotte (Jackie Fogartie Events), shares a new kind of cereal-related snack.

“Three wintertime casseroles: Green bean casserole and more” – Valley Report (Green Giant)

*Green Giant offers up recipes Green Bean Casserole, Mexican Mac and Cheese and Chicken Potpie with Curry.

“Lending a Helping Hand For Heart Health Month” – The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition blog

*Karin Nehm writes about a Go Red for Women event that she recently attended, and what it was all about.

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