Mar 13, 2012 • By

A Yoplait statue

What’s six feet tall and made out of Yoplait?

A statue made by Ronald Humason, the latest focus of our “Fans of our Brands” feature.

The veterinarian by day, artist by night recently created a statue of himself made out of yogurt containers. We spotted it on Instagram.

Humason lives outside of Fresno, Calif., and was inspired by a local art show with a self-portrait theme.

“What am I eating to make me who I am?” says Humason. “I’ve got Yoplait all the time.”

The piece is titled “I Play.” Humason jokes that the name is the Spanish to English translation of Yoplait.

The work of art shows a man kicking a soccer ball. Although a self-described exercise freak, Humason admits he doesn’t play soccer. Still, the statue made sense to him.

“I just envisioned the bottoms of the Yoplait containers being the white portion [of the soccer ball] and in between I would paint that black. Everything is made out of Yoplait containers.”

Humason guesses it took about 300 containers to create the masterpiece and says he couldn’t have done it alone. He recruited family and friends to eat lots and lots of yogurt.

“My lady friend went to Costco and got a six pack. She’s a single lady. She said, ‘Boy, it’s getting old. I’ve got to do something,’ so she offered it to all the kids that came to Christmas dinner,” says Humason chuckling. “She finally got everything eaten before it went bad.”

Humason is entering his Yoplait statue in a judged show in May. In the meantime, he plans to fix a few imperfections and maybe add a dog to the piece. His last creation, a couch with three moving figures on it, won first place in a recent sofa art contest.

Good luck, Ronald! And regardless of the show’s outcome, we certainly appreciate it and think it is worth sharing here on “A Taste of General Mills.”