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EatBetterAmerica hits the road

To help raise awareness for and healthy eating, my colleague Alli Hearne and I are currently on the tail end of a nine-day road trip across the Midwest.

Driving around in the BetterMobile, our goal is to prove that healthy eating is possible in nearly any situation: at home, on the road, or even when you go out to eat.

In January, we asked EatBetterAmerica fans to nominate their favorite healthy restaurants, and also did some research on our own to select the six restaurants we would ultimately be visiting.

Since we are based in Minneapolis, we decided to focus on the Midwest for the first EatBetterAmerica Roadtrip. We have been on the road for seven days now, and have already visited Minneapolis, Chicago and St. Louis – our fourth and final stop is in Kansas City this weekend.

We are going behind the scenes at each restaurant and meeting with the chefs, owners and managers to learn how they make their menus healthier, and also getting tips for eating better at home. The restaurants have been great partners throughout the Roadtrip, and we have learned a lot along the way.

Here are some of the tips we’ve gathered from our hosts:

1. Eat fresh. Fresh ingredients are the key to making healthier food that still tastes great. Even a smoothie with broccoli and kale can taste delicious.

2. Control your portions. No need to do anything drastic, but start taking note of portion sizes. Also, understand that just because something is served on a plate doesn’t mean it is necessarily just one serving.

3. Be prepared. Before you hit the road for a long journey or leave your house for the day, pack healthier snacks. That way, when you get hungry, you will be prepared with better options instead of having to rely on whatever happens to be available.

4. Start simple. If you want to begin eating better and living a healthier life, start small with simple changes. Find one way to eat healthier, and go from there.

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