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News Bites – March 16, 2012

Are you interested in the recyclability of the packages for your favorite products? We take a look at new research out this week on consumer perceptions of eco-friendly packaging. We’re also reading a report on the impact of food waste – a topic we’ve addressed on our blog before. And we want to share with you a funny video from the UK aimed at recruiting more people into careers in the food industry.

We have a good mix of news items today as we bring you another edition of “News Bites,” our weekly roundup of a few links that cover the food industry, General Mills and our blog categories. We also highlight content from other General Mills blogs and websites.

“Green Giant” – Corporate Responsibility magazine

*Dirk Olin of CR magazine came to General Mills recently for this in-depth Q&A with Chairman and CEO Ken Powell.

“Clean your plate, save the world?” – Reuters

*Lisa Baertlein and Ernest Scheyder met with us at the Reuters Food and Agriculture Summit in Chicago this week. This article looks at the impact of food waste in food production and consumption, and what’s being done to reduce it.

“Eco-friendly packaging influences shopping decisions, study says” – Los Angeles Times

*More consumers are considering whether packaging of a product is recyclable before they buy it.

“Report: Consumers more interested in ethnic flavors” – Drug Store News

*Research by ReportsnReports says demand is up for ethnic foods. New Asian and Latin flavors are a part of the increased interest.

“Taste Success” – Food and Drink Federation

*This campaign in the UK is meant to inform young people about careers in the food industry. They produced several funny videos to get the message out, including this one, for the campaign’s website and YouTube channel.

Notable posts from various General Mills communities:

“Lucky Charms Pancakes” – Betty Crocker

*With St. Patrick’s Day coming up tomorrow, we couldn’t resist this to help you start your day from Jessica Walker (Lil’ Miss Bossy)

“20 easy ways to add more fruits and veggies to your diet” – Valley Report (Green Giant)

*Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert – this list has you covered.

“Five Facts About Cereal and Breakfast” – The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition blog

*Michelle Tucker shares some important reminders about the most important meal of the day.

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