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A young Honey Nut fan

When was the last time you got this excited about your cereal?

Lara English of Maryland posted this photo of her son on Instagram to show the world the first moment 15-month-old Tristan discovered Honey Nut Cheerios. And boy did he enjoy them!

He made our latest installment of our “Fans of our Brands” feature.

“Tristan has a definite love of Cheerios and it’s a good thing because he’s a pretty picky eater,” English says. “Cheerios are one thing he will eat and I know is good for him too. It also helps that his daddy and I love to eat them as well.”

English started giving Tristan Cheerios when he was nine months old, and he was an instant fan. “We introduced Honey Nut Cheerios last week and he was amazed,” she told us. “Every morning since then he points to the Cheerios box and does his sign for ‘more.’ I think I may have created a monster!”

After she posted the photo, English had a rush of feedback from moms online telling her which Cheerios variety their little ones loved. “There’s a whole Cheerios world out there that I know Tristan can’t wait to explore,” she said.

In addition to Cheerios, Tristan loves playing outdoors, giving hugs, taking baths, dancing and Mickey Mouse. According to his mom, he also loves being the center of attention so he’ll enjoy being a part of this post on “A Taste of General Mills.”

Thank you Lara, and eat on, Tristan!

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