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Adventures in kayaking

For Patty Googins, an IT project manager at General Mills, details are her deal.

She organizes and manages the many tasks and particulars that make a project successful. Plus, she has an amazing ability to translate technical jargon into business speak.

Think Patty’s work skills are impressive? Wait until you hear about her accomplishments outside of work.

She has windsurfed all over the world, competed in an international choral festival in Salzburg, Austria (the same choral festival featured in the movie “The Sound of Music”) and finished a duathlon.

If that’s not a lifetime of action squeezed into a sentence, read on.

We recently chatted with Patty about her kayaking adventures.

You’re a kayaker?

Googins: My husband and I do recreational kayaking in a tandem sea kayak – nothing too adventurous, but we keep a kayak on Lake Harriet in Minneapolis and have gone on tours in Kauai (Hawaii), Vancouver Island, San Juan Islands, Lake Superior and Key West. I love the peace and quiet of paddling, and it is a great way to view wildlife.

Where is your favorite place to kayak?

Googins: My favorite place to kayak is the Puget Sound in the state of Washington. We did a San Juan Island three-day kayak/camping trip and also a day trip from Vancouver Island, both in the Puget Sound. The water is calm, and the wildlife sighting is amazing.

My second favorite place to kayak is Kauai. We did both a river trip and an ocean trip. It was really fun to play in the rolling waves of the Pacific and a great way to get close to sea turtles.

Where will your kayak take you next?

Googins: Our next kayaking adventure is planned for summer of 2013, a trip to Croatia for some gentle river kayaking.