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News Bites – April 13, 2012

Every Friday we bring you “News Bites,” a collection of links from the week that covered General Mills, the food industry and our categories on “A Taste of General Mills.” We also highlight content from some other General Mills blogs and websites.

Notable posts about General Mills:

We begin this week with a focus on sustainability. In “Q-and-A: General Mills Customer Sustainability Director Bob Branham” on the SmartBlog On Food & Beverage, Branham discusses the trends he’s paying attention to, like food waste and packaging developments.

In the Innovation Excellence blog’s “Organizing Open Innovation – Ecosystems or Communities?” the future of open innovation is the focus of the post, which includes a thought from Jeff Bellairs of General Mills. You can learn more about the General Mills Worldwide Innovation Network (G-WIN) here.

Progressive Grocer includes a Betty Crocker example in “Enhance Product Perception with Co-Creation.” The article looks at new research that suggests when consumers have to do more to make a product ready for consumption, they give the end-product better reviews and think more highly of the product.

Heard of amaranth? The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition’s blog has some ideas for using this grain in a post titled “Enjoying Amaranth: Tips for Using This Ancient Grain.”

No doubt the Jolly Green Giant is one of our most iconic brand characters. His history is mentioned in Food & Think’s “The Stories Behind Five Famous Advertising Characters.”

And, the grand prize winner of the 45th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest, Christina Verrelli, is still getting a lot of well-deserved attention. She was interviewed on the NBC-TV affiliate here in Minneapolis, and demonstrated how to make her winning recipe.

Notable posts about the food industry:

Forbes examines the outlook in the grocery aisles, based on trends in consumer buying behavior, in “6 Companies Battling for Americans’ Grocery Money.”

Speaking of the stores, USA Today reported in “Self-checkout lanes boost convenience, theft risk” on stores that are adding self-checkouts while other stores feel they lead to stealing, so they’re taking them out.

GreenBiz.com recaps a recent webcast on the sustainability of the products on store shelves in “Why Walmart wants more consumer pressure for sustainability.” The discussion suggested consumers have differing opinions over what’s really a “green” product.

Finally this week, “Hug Me: Coca-Cola Introduces Gesture Based Marketing in Singapore” from Anthony Wing Kosner in Forbes, looks at a new marketing campaign that Coke has launched in Singapore. It’s a vending machine that responds to hugs, not money.

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