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Cereal sports art

Self-taught artist Danny Palmer has been drawing in pencil since high school. But, he said he’s noticed, pencil artists, no matter how good, don’t seem to command the same level of respect as artists working in other mediums.

So he came up with something bigger.

It’s a portrait he just finished that’s receiving a lot of attention today online and on TV.

It’s an image of University of Kentucky basketball player Anthony Davis … made entirely out of cereal (shown here with his son Kyle.)

(Photo courtesy of Danny Palmer)

Palmer, a huge Kentucky Wildcat fan, says Davis was a natural fit to have an image crafted mostly from Reese’s Puffs and Kix.

“I just built the frame, drew and outline and started sticking the pieces with glue,” says Palmer, from Princeton, Ind. “It’s pretty tricky because not all cereal pieces are the same color, but I used that to my advantage to gradually change from light brown to dark.”

Palmer sent us some photos showing the early stages of the portrait’s creation.

The portrait took Palmer about two weeks to complete and he worked on it up to three hours each day.

Like the players in a tough basketball game, he had some setbacks. “Crooked nose, accidentally knocking pieces out of place, but it wasn’t all bad. I just put a game on TV and it went pretty smoothly.”

He used approximately three boxes of each of our cereals, and spray paint in spots where he needed it.

Palmer tweeted out a photo of his finished Davis portrait yesterday. It quickly spread online thanks to bloggers, ESPN (and SportsCenter,) CBS Sports and more.

He joked in one of his tweets that “for a guy that gets an average of 1 interaction per day (on Twitter,) this has been very overwhelming!”

He advises that anyone wishing to create this kind of art practice patience.

“For some reason, I thought I could knock the thing out in four or five days. Boy, was I wrong!”

Palmer isn’t sure yet what he’s going to do with the portrait of Davis – he may sell it or add it to his son’s collection of University of Kentucky décor.

The most delicious result he says, however, would be to hear from Davis himself or another athlete looking to have his or her face immortalized in cereal.

Check out Danny’s Facebook page for other examples of his artistic skills.