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News Bites – May 18, 2012

Every Friday we bring you “News Bites,” a collection of links from the week about General Mills and the food industry. We also highlight content from other General Mills blogs and websites.

Notable posts about General Mills:

We were thrilled to see General Mills on the list of “America’s Most Connected Companies” in U.S. News & World Report. They also wrote about our gluten-free products in “General Mills Tries Gluten-Free Sales in the Cloud.”

Also this week, Working Mother magazine named General Mills to its “2012 Best Companies for Multicultural Women.” On the same topic, Glassdoor mentioned us in “Working Moms Dish About Best Company Perks.”

Forbes interviewed Erin Anderson, an interactive marketing manager for in “GE, General Mills And Sears Explain Their Success In Content Marketing (Part 1).” recapped some remarks this week by Don Mulligan, our chief financial officer, in “General Mills looks to tap cereal and snacks potential in BRIC countries and beyond.”

The University of Minnesota mentions our connection to the school, through many alumni, in “Powering Global Companies.”

Andrew Zimmern, host of “Bizarre Foods”, was quoted in Foodista’s “Andrew Zimmern on The Munchies Awards” post (which includes a video with Zimmern). The Munchies are on our site.

And, the Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition’s blog posted “A Guide to Gluten-Free Whole Grains.”

Notable posts about the food industry:

The St. Paul Pioneer Press traced the history of Target in “Target after 50 years: Retailer transformed how America shops.”

An article in Food Navigator, “Grocery spend is increasing but consumers are still cost-conscious: Market research,” says coupons and research online are still driving consumer decisions in grocery stores. in Australia posted “Cereal thriller: demand for oats soars,” featuring insight into the current farming climate there.

Progressive Grocer wrote about sustainability efforts by Publix employees and stores in “Publix Saves 2B Paper, Plastic Bags.”

And, Stefan Lindegaard, who regularly features news about innovation at General Mills, posted “Why Do Companies Embrace Open Innovation?” on his “15inno” blog.

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