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Pinterest showcases

Unlike websites for brands such as Betty Crocker and Pillsbury, launched in 2009 with no branding and the idea of reaching a food and technology savvy audience. Now, Tablespoon is blazing another trail for General Mills.

It was the first company website to take advantage of the social media site Pinterest.

Less known than Facebook, Pinterest’s picture-sharing, digital bulletin board platform dovetails with’s strong visual emphasis.

Based on Pinterest’s own measurement, food and drink is currently the social site’s most popular category, which is just one reason that is an ideal fit for Pinterest users, according to Erin Anderson, an assistant interactive marketing manager.

Erin says that in the U.S., Pinterest “is an audience of mostly women, many from the Midwest, and given the visual nature of the site, Tablespoon’s first-in-class photography is a natural.”

There are now more than 7,000 Tablespoon followers on Pinterest.

To celebrate its third birthday, Tablespoon launched the first Pinterest-inspired sweepstakes at General Mills (which ends May 31), in which Tablespoon fans are asked to create Pinterest boards of their favorite Tablespoon content.

An online gathering place for people who are attracted to its mix of images, recipes and style, Tablespoon woos – and wows – its audience with ample fresh content.

The Tablespoon team publishes three new articles daily under Tablespoon’s three channels: Quick Dish, Taste for Adventure and Rock UR Party. Each article features attention-grabbing photographs. also is a good place to test ideas, says Erin.

“We’re going beyond being just a recipe site and figuring out how to lead the way in giving our viewers nonrecipe content,” Erin says.

Erin and her team also have paid close attention to mobile viewers. Tablespoon’s mobile site was recently redesigned to be more usable and image-centered.

The site’s conversational voice has worked: There are more than 880,000 followers on Facebook. ClickZ, a marketing news site, recently ranked Tablespoon third on its list of Top 50 Brands in Content Marketing.

Erin also was interviewed about her work for this article in Forbes.