Jun 21, 2012 • By

Jus-Rol volunteers discover history

A Scotland coastal landscape that’s home to the remnants of a fort built the year King Henry VIII died is much clearer now. And, a clue to the area’s history has been unearthed.

You can thank the efforts of 17 General Mills employees who mowed, weeded and cleared much of the area as part of the company’s “Think Global, Volunteer Local” campaign.

Employees from our Berwick plant – who work on Jus-Rol products – took part in the effort at Fort Point. It’s a splendid, scenic and historical area that in 1547 was fortified by invading English troops, and again in 1557 by French forces acting on behalf of a Scottish king.

Fort Point is just north of the Scottish town of Eyemouth, roughly 15 minutes from General Mills’ Berwick plant.

Many employees live in this historical area and wanted to clear an area with such importance.

During our work, a wall was uncovered, which the county archaeologist was not aware of. As a result, now there are plans for topography and 3D imagery to discover more about the area.

It looks like we have begun what will be a very special project.

And it was exciting for us all to think we had been part of bringing something historical back to life.