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Loving Lucky Charms

Mom-to-be Kate Schroeder has always loved Lucky Charms cereal. But recently, she’s been obsessed with it.

“Once I hit five months into my pregnancy, I couldn’t get enough. We would purchase two boxes at a time at the grocery store and huge boxes from Costco.

Schroeder, whose maiden name is Sullivan, suspects her Irish background may be fueling her fixation.

We just had to feature her in our “Fans of our Brands” series, because when she’s not eating Lucky Charms, she’s talking about it.

“I can’t stop talking about it, especially the whole grains and reduced sugar piece,” Schroeder confesses. “I am a walking advertisement these days!”

We learned about Schroeder when one of her colleagues at Discovery Communications in Silver Spring, Md., tweeted a picture from her baby shower.

The shower’s theme? You guessed it.

“The décor included cake pops in Lucky Charms colors, Lucky Charms bars … Lucky Charms marshmallow shapes hanging from the ceiling,” says Schroeder.

Guests played a game with Lucky Charms as the prize and received Lucky Charms almond bark as favors.

Kate Schroeder, middle, with two co-workers.

“The shower was truly magically delicious in every way. My co-workers went above and beyond!”

Schroeder’s baby boy, also known as her very own Lucky Charm, is due July 8.

Good luck, Kate!

Editor’s note: If Kate Schroeder’s baby shower has inspired you to try something new, here are a few recipes from Betty Crocker with Lucky Charms as a key ingredient!