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News Bites – June 8, 2012

Every Friday we bring you “News Bites,” a collection of links from the week about General Mills and the food industry. We also highlight content from other General Mills blogs and websites.

Notable posts about General Mills:

Industry Week posted “Open Innovation Bears Fruit (Bars) for General Mills,” an article from Jeff Bellairs, one of our frequent bloggers in our Innovation category.

Our partnership with GreenBlue and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition on a recycling label on Yoplait products was profiled by GreenBiz, in “Costco, REI, Microsoft make recycling easy with new label.” The project also was in Plastics Today, in “Labels seek to solve recycling confusion.”

GreenBiz highlighted our two-pack cereal packaging, available in club stores, in “3 ways Walmart and its suppliers are reducing packaging.”

Twin Cities Business mentioned us in “3M, General Mills Among 100 “Most Reputable Companies.” You can see the entire list in Forbes.

OurHometown.ca posted “General Mills renews commitment to Canadian Olympic Team,” after an event in Toronto Thursday morning. The Canadian Olympic Team also wrote about it, in “General Mills Canada renews commitment.”

Notable posts about the food industry:

“More than Two-thirds of Americans Buy Green Products, Services” according to Environmental Leader.

Food Manufacturing posted “Retailers Have Symbiotic Relationship With Suppliers,” which examines the relationship between major retailers such as Walmart and Target and their hundreds of suppliers, like us.

The Washington Post reported that “Fat might be the sixth basic taste.” The story looks at the impact of this discovery, among scientists and food developers.

TreeHugger posted “12 Great Whole Grains to Try,” with a variety of recipes.

Father’s Day is coming up. Have you shopped for Dad yet? Progressive Grocer posted “Father’s Day Spending to Increase 10%: Study.”

One year ago on “A Taste of General Mills”:

June 6, 2011 – “3 things we learned from Groupon”

This post recounts our involvement in Groupon first consumer package goods offering, where we offered products and coupons in a deal that sold out quickly.

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