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Fueled by a true passion for cereal

When it comes to cereal, don’t mess with Adam Naide.

The lifelong cereal lover has between 30 and 50 boxes of it in his kitchen cabinet at any given time.

Here’s a recent photo of his cereal stash, which we’re pleased to see includes many of ours!


But don’t even think of ripping into one of those boxes.

“I don’t like [my kids] opening my cereal,” Naide says. “I like to be the first one to open it. I don’t like people eating out of my box, or picking out the marshmallows.”

Naide admits he’s “particular” about cereal and just as particular about the milk that goes with it.

“Milk for cereal has to be really, really cold. I keep my milk in a separate refrigerator in the garage – barely above freezing.”

Naide works in social media at Cox Communications in Atlanta, and you could argue that his infatuation with cereal has helped nourish his career.

“When things started really going with social media in 2008, and blogging started taking off, I was given the advice: Find a passion, and start with that.”

For Naide, that was cereal. He used to blog about cereal, but found it too time-consuming. Now, he uses Twitter and Facebook for cereal jabber. He has roughly 7,400 Twitter followers (@adamnaide) and runs a Cereal Lovers Fan Club page on Facebook.

He says every invention, including cereal, has the potential to impact and shape our perspectives. He recently applied his philosophy at an event aimed at celebrating and sparking innovation, hosted by Engauge – a marketing agency in Atlanta. Roughly 250 people attended.

The underlying theme? Cereal, of course.

Adam and event organizers shopped for cereal ahead of the event, buying up brands of all kinds.

At the beginning of it, everyone grabbed a bowl and created their dream cereal by combining their favorite flavors. Naide called himself the official “mixologist.” He made sure to have about 100 different kinds of cereal on hand. As well as 1 percent, 2 percent and skim milk.

An informal poll of participants at the event showed that Cinnamon Toast Crunch had more fans than any other cereal.

For the record, Naide doesn’t have any one favorite, but admits he has a special fondness for Cheerios.

He says cereal and social media both require a lot of upkeep and take up most of his time.

He also revealed he has an interest in peanut butter, too. He typically has eight jars in his kitchen.

And as for his wife? She’s okay with it all.

“For her, if it doesn’t harm or hurt anyone, she’s cool with it,” Naide jokes. “She’s got a good sense of humor about it. She’s supportive … how’s that?”

Editor’s note: Some of the photos above are used with the permission of Engauge.