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Boosting vitamin D intake

Our need for adequate amounts of vitamin D has been covered widely by the media in recent weeks given the important role it plays in helping to keep our bodies healthy.

Unfortunately, many of us are not getting enough of this important nutrient.

Sunlight is an amazing source of vitamin D as are eggs and some varieties of fish. But, did you know that eating certain ready-to-eat cereals can also be a great way to increase your vitamin D intake?

Not only are some cereals fortified with vitamin D, but its natural companion milk is also a valuable contributor to meeting our vitamin D needs.

A recent study funded by the General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, and published in The Journal of Food Science, shows that vitamin D fortified cereal is one of the top 10 food sources of vitamin D for those in the U.S.

Here is the study: Journal of Food Science: Top Food Sources Contributing to Vitamin D Intake and the Association of Ready-to-Eat Cereal and Breakfast Consumption Habits to Vitamin D Intake in Canadians and United States Americans.

General Mills has been a pioneer in fortifying cereals. Today, all Big G kids cereals are fortified with vitamin D and calcium.

Consumer Reports wrote about the Journal of Food Science study last week (Study: Eating more cereal can boost your vitamin D intake) and noted the following study results:

“…as the frequency of cereal consumption and breakfast consumption went up, so did overall vitamin D intake. That led the authors to conclude that increasing breakfast and cereal consumption might be a useful way to increase dietary vitamin D intake—in part because both cereal and breakfast go hand-in-hand with milk, which is also typically fortified with vitamin D.”