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Cheerios cakes for a first birthday

Some amazingly realistic cakes were made by Lindsey Ewald of Oregon to celebrate the first birthday of her cousin’s little boy – a huge Cheerios fan.

Knowing she’d be up to the challenge, her cousin asked her to make a cake with a Cheerios theme.

And did she ever! In fact, she made two!

We spotted a photo of the cakes on Ewald’s Instagram feed.

“I decided it would be cool to make him a box of Cheerios and a small Cheerio for his ‘mess’ cake,” Ewald says. “I wanted to make it look as real as possible. When I took it to the birthday party and set it on the table, my cousin came out and thought someone had brought a box of Cheerios. It wasn’t until he got closer that he realized it was my cake.”

Pretty impressive, right?

It took Ewald a day and a half to make the cakes, including the five hours it took to frost.

“The hardest part was making it look good. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my baked goods. If something didn’t look right, I redid it,” she says

Ewald is a big fan of Honey Nut Cheerios herself and the birthday boy eats them all day long.

He’s quite a lucky kid to enjoy them in both cereal and cake form!

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