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Helping Yoplait be social

Yoplait recently passed the “one million fans” mark on Facebook, making it one of our most popular brands on the social media site.

So we thought it was a good time to show you who is behind all the status updates and conversations.

Sara Fryar (aka “Yoplait Sara”) is Yoplait’s social media engagement manager and Teresa House is Yoplait’s digital strategist. They work together to build and enhance the Yoplait brand experience for fans and social media followers.

Sara has a background in public relations and got into Facebook on her own in 2009.

“I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. I was an Internet extrovert and it became a big part of me,” she says. When a friend contacted her about a social media opportunity with the Yoplait yogurt brand, she jumped on it and hasn’t looked back.

Today, “Yoplait Sara” is the voice of the yogurt brand on Facebook and Twitter and, you could say, speaks to more than a million people every day.

Teresa, meanwhile, spent many years working for both clients and advertising/marketing agencies, including spending nearly eight years creating a digital/E-commerce business out of a very “old school” business.

She said she enjoys a challenge and when the opportunity arose for her to tackle digital strategy for Yoplait, she was ready to take it on. In her current role, she brings digital ideas to Yoplait that can support and strengthen their overall business objectives. She also makes sure the overall digital and social experience is fully optimized from a consumer perspective.

“In other words, do consumers get what we’re trying to tell them?” she says.

According to Teresa, there is no typical day in the life of Yoplait’s digital strategist. “It’s one of the things I love,” she says. “I never know what to expect. If I have any preconceived notions of any given day, I’m guaranteed to be wrong!”

Fryar sees her role as more of a blend of consumer services and relationship marketing. “I check in on Facebook and see if any consumers have posted a concern or compliment,” Sara says. “I take care of all of those.” She and Teresa also team up to launch various campaign-specific and lifestyle-specific activities like the “So Good” pieces that are popular on Facebook.

For example, “Good is snuggling with your kids at bedtime. SO GOOD is enjoying that glass of wine waiting for you when they’re asleep.”

“It’s not about yogurt, it’s about being their girlfriend,” says Sara. “People relate and they love it.” While she also works on Pinterest and Twitter, Sara estimates 75 percent of her time is focused on Facebook.

So, how did the team go about recruiting one million Facebook fans?

“A really good understanding of the brand and the consumers who are passionate about that brand,” says Teresa. “Yoplait has a very unique personality. It was pretty easy to bring that to life with Sara as the voice. Consumers have responded really well too. It’s been so much fun!”

Here’s how Yoplait used video to thank its 1 million Facebook fans:

Both Teresa and Sara agree that the key to their work is to be flexible, but to be guided and informed by the consumer needs, business goals and a strong knowledge of the digital and social landscape.

Another important element? Being fans of the brand themselves.

“When my kids were small they were big fans of the Yoplait Thick and Creamy options,” Sara says. “My favorite flavor is Yoplait Greek Cherry Pomegranate.” Teresa agrees that Yoplait is a great option for adults and children. “My kids love to grocery shop with me now because they know they can pick whatever flavors they want. My favorites are Yoplait Greek Coconut, Whips! Cherry Cheesecake and Light Thick & Creamy Cinnamon Roll – there are so many good ones to choose from!”

Check out the great work of Sara Fryar and Teresa House by liking Yoplait’s Facebook page. Or tweet them a hello on Twitter (@Yoplait).