Sep 13, 2012 • By

We’re in the forever business

I recently had the opportunity to attend Nature Valley’s annual “Live the Brand Day,” an event that put me and some of my colleagues in closer touch with the Nature Valley business.

The day is all about enjoying nature, and inspiring others to enjoy it, too. As an associate marketing manager on Nature Valley, this day is invaluable, as it helps me to stay in touch with the brand’s mission on a personal and emotional level.

The day launched with our bus getting a bit lost en route to our site at the North Mississippi Regional Park, so we experienced the industrial side of Minneapolis before delving into its natural beauty.

Once on site, we had two missions: 1) canoeing, and 2) eradicating the park of Buckthorn, an invasive plant species.

These weren’t just any canoes—we traveled in style in a fleet of 24-foot long, handmade Voyageur vessels.

Shayne, our group leader from the Wilderness Inquiry, taught us about the history and habitat around the Mississippi, and kept us paddling swiftly with pointers on form. What resonated with me most was the stillness and serenity on the Mississippi that day— it’s a kind of peace that only nature provides.

We headed south in our canoes, over to an area of the park populated with Buckthorn. Left unchecked, Buckthorn will crowd out the light for native plants, eventually causing native grasses and wildflowers to die.

I enjoyed seeking out and destroying it—and tried not to get too competitive with my colleagues!

Nature Valley is committed to preserving the parks through its National Parks Project , so it was rewarding to experience a small part of that through my own preservation efforts.

Throughout the day, our team heard from a variety of folks associated with the Mississippi River area, including the National Park Service and the Three Rivers Park District.

I was impressed with how rooted these rangers and educators are in the history, future, culture, and legacy of the area.

As one ranger put it, “We are in the forever business, preserving the parks now and for future generations to come.”

I’m glad I was able to contribute to forever, if only for a day.