Oct 22, 2012 • By

A visit from That Girl

You might know her as “That Girl.” Or, for her advocacy work on behalf of children dealing with cancer for St. Jude’s. Or perhaps, as Phil Donahue’s wife.

Marlo Thomas is, indeed, all of these things, with a successful career that has navigated more than 40 years in the public spotlight.

So what is she up to now?

Thomas is running on all cylinders. She recently launched MarloThomas.com in partnership with AOL. Its mission is “to inform, empower, and motivate women.”

The site’s inspirational charge to women is: What’s Next? The platform offers video, a blog, celebrity profiles, and commentary on topics ranging from the 2012 elections to fall fitness.

Live Better America – a General Mills owned platform – recently engaged Thomas on a web series called Living Forward. The series highlights remarkable boomers and their stories of reinvention and accomplishment.

For example, Gail Blanke, a corporate executive who endured a surprise double bypass surgery, used her own experience to advocate for women’s health.

“Live Better America exists to help Americans live better longer – something that is fundamentally important to Thomas and her personal brand,” notes Mark Skeba, marketing manager for Live Better America.

“The great thing about Marlo is that it’s not about her. It’s about being true. It’s about a conversation and she lets consumers lead,” says Mark.

Below are photos from Marlo’s recent visit to General Mills, where she toured the Betty Crocker Kitchens and the Photo Studios. She also paused for photos with employees.

“True to who she is, Marlo was completely absorbed in the details – how Betty Crocker has evolved over time and how long Cheerios has remained an iconic brand. We look forward to furthering our partnership with her,” says Mark.