Oct 17, 2012 • By

Kix the dog

This puppy could have been named Bolt, Zoom or Dash, but because owner Sue Gaulke of Oregon saw a big cereal display at her local grocery store one day, inspiration struck.

Meet Kix the dog.

“I have competed in dog agility competition for over 15 years and we give great thought to naming our dogs,” Gaulke says. “We often name our dogs with a speed or sports theme and the name has to be easy to shout out in the heat of competition.”

When faced with that big display of Kix cereal at the store, Gaulke remembered that her favorite childhood treat was vanilla ice cream with Kix and she knew she had the perfect name for her new puppy.

“My puppy is ‘kid-tested, mother-approved,’” says Gaulke.

Agility dogs are in many exciting environments so Kix the Border Collie spends lots of time taking in different sights and meeting lots of people, up to 100 each month, according to Gaulke.

Currently Kix is too young to practice on agility equipment, but he’s learning sit, stay, run and turn.

In his spare time, Kix enjoys playing fetch, romps on the beach and yes, snacking on Kix cereal. “It’s a nice size for training and he loves the crunch,” said Gaulke.

Thanks for sharing Kix with us, Sue!