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An über online campaign

The LÄRABAR über – the sweet, salty and chewy companion of the original LÄRABAR – hit the store shelves earlier this year with steady sales and a marketing campaign that includes numerous images, including those of three employees skydiving, swinging on a “Tarzan” swing, and flying down an alpine slide.

The June unveiling of the four über bar flavors – Apple Turnover, Bananas Foster, Cherry Cobbler and Roasted Nut Roll – across the U.S. marked the first brand expansion for LÄRABAR since joining the General Mills family in 2008.

The original bar and its new über line are the chosen snack of many outdoors enthusiasts, says Annie Parsons, a Denver-based community host for LÄRABAR that is part of our Small Planet Foods division.

“LÄRABAR wanted to create a bar that had a different texture than the original bars, which are blended with dates, nuts and spices,” says Annie. “The new über bar is made up of large pieces of fruits and nuts, bound together with a sweet and salty mixture of dates, honey and brown rice. With it, we want to capture another audience of energy bar lovers.”

Über means super

And after two years in the works, the new bar was born with the name “über,” a German prefix that roughly translates to “super.”

Like the original, the über bar comes with the familiar umlaut in its logo, and has no more than nine ingredients – a large selling point for nutrition-minded consumers.

And while LÄRABAR hopes to reach a wide market with the über bar, it’s still concentrating on a core consumer of swashbuckling adventurers. Athletes, especially, love über bars.

“We are focusing on people who live active, adventurous lives, people who spend a lot of time outside, or even the busy mom who packs an über bar in her kids’ lunch and wants to feel good about what she’s feeding them,” says Annie.

A montage of über moments

In affirmation of this concept, LÄRABAR created an eye-catching campaign on its website entitled “über Moments,” which includes a montage of photos and videos of people performing something bold or unique.

There are images of people mountain climbing, bungee jumping and dangling from an aircraft. There’s a video of a man playing a one-stringed instrument made with a Spam can. Memorable photos include a man jumping over fire during an obstacle race; three women flexing their muscles before a statue of Joan of Arc; a woman kissing a dolphin, and a toddler eating watermelon.

Among the people featured in the “über Moments” gallery include a trio of General Mills employees: Abigail Smith, Erica Younkin and Parsons herself. Erica and Annie, who work for LÄRABAR in Denver, are in photos in the “Visiting Artists” section. Erica’s legs can be seen in the “Alpine Slide.”

And, a more-than-thrilled Annie is pictured during a summertime skydiving venture.

“It was a present from my dad – we went skydiving. I have a major fear of heights, and try to make a point of confronting my fears. Oh, we had a lot of fun,” Annie says.

Abigal, a business category manager and LÄRABAR ambassador in Philadelphia, is featured in a video entitled “The ‘Tarzan Swing’ of Costa Rica” in the LÄRABAR Gallery. She swings high above the ground from a free-flying zip-line, through a dense, green Costa Rican jungle near Arenal Volcano.

“I was extremely nervous on the ‘Tarzan Swing.’ I screamed my head off and wound up laughing. When I finished, I wanted to do it again,” says Abigail, who traveled to Central America last year.

LÄRABAR hopes its new über Bars make an equally memorable impression with consumers.