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Bringing Pillsbury’s Lookbook to life

It works for fashion, so why not food?

Pillsbury’s second “Lookbook” just debuted on It’s full of ideas for the upcoming holidays.

I talked about the concept with Jennifer Buege, the executive editor of She says the idea is borrowed from the fashion world, where designers have traditionally displayed their seasonal collections in a lookbook to attract the interest of fashion editors.

“We thought about how we could play into what fashion and clothing companies have done, so we set out to create a lookbook to help Pillsbury ‘Makers’ get inspired for what they should be preparing for a specific season or theme,” says Jennifer.

Pillsbury’s first Lookbook was for timed for back-to-school.

The Holiday Lookbook is the result of nearly three months of planning and creating. It’s quite an undertaking, as Jennifer explains.

“It’s a huge process. It’s like putting together a mini-magazine, so we have several teams involved. It all starts with coming up with the ideas,” Jennifer says. “We like to use trends as a focus. So we figured out what was hitting – the doughnut bar, portable pies – and then we refined our plans with the Pillsbury team, and also went out to our blogger network and asked them to create recipes to support our ideas.”

She says a design team also had a big role to play, to help the concepts come to life online. The General Mills Photo Studios also did its part, producing the photography for the ideas from Pillsbury’s food experts and its blogger network. And, Jennifer credits the General Mills IT department for its work to allow to support the Lookbook’s goals.

The Lookbook is highly visual, and designed to be easily sharable across social media platforms, including Pinterest. Jennifer explains why that’s important, in this audio clip from our conversation.

So what’s in the Lookbook?

Let’s start with the doughnut bar idea that Jennifer mentioned above. The Lookbook team showed it off at a preview event for employees yesterday, in this photo.

The Lookbook also features a holiday favorite – pies. From the classic pies, to the more portable, “Party pies.”

There are a variety of cookie ideas too, including a Salted Caramel Sugar Cookie.

There also are several Crescent-based appetizers, like these Gorgonzola and Pear Cups.

In addition to the food, the Holiday Lookbook has gifts, ideas to wrap them, and “30 Days of Making a Difference” – activities that you and your family can participate in to give back to the people in your lives, and your communities.

The Lookbook will keep you busy, as you plan your holiday gatherings, that’s for sure.

Jennifer says more Lookbooks are on the way, including one for Spring, and again for the grilling season in May.

“It’s a really interesting, new experience. We think it’s pretty cool!” says Jennifer.