Nov 15, 2012 • By

Class inspires cereal mashup

Alex Gomez said he was a typical 1980s kid – not satisfied with just one type of cereal, he tried many “favorites.” One of his dreams was that General Mills would make a cereal with Kix puffs and Lucky Charms marshmallows.

Well, we didn’t.

But Alex did!

Gomez is a veteran who used his GI Bill to go back to school and pursue a degree in media arts and web design. He attends Platt College in San Diego and, as part of a recent food package redesign project for his digital publishing class, he created his dream cereal mashup.

“I wanted to try something different and thought of bringing back that childhood dream,” Gomez says. “I was thankful that my teacher approved the idea and liked it.”

He designed his very own limited edition fictional Halloween box called “Mashups,” inspired by the term describing the combination of two different types of music into a new song. “The thought of adding the unique great taste of Kix with the vibrant, colorful display of (Lucky Charms) marshmallows was something I couldn’t resist.”

Grading for the project was based on the clear and effective use of graphics, color, layout, illustrations/photos, promotional offers and text to motivate the customer to pick up and/or buy the product. His teacher liked the concept of using two products from the same company and bringing them together to form a new one.

In addition to a “new” variety of cereal, Gomez says he learned a great deal from the project. “I learned to respect the graphic artists that design and brand your products,” he says. “It’s definitely lots of work and a very long process to test the design with target demographics and end up with an approved finished product.”

Gomez currently works in the federal information technology sector, but hopes to start a freelance design and media arts business in the near future.