Nov 14, 2012 • By

General Mills gains global accolades for workplace

This is an exciting day as General Mills receives a new honor, being named to the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces  list.

This award comes, in part, as a result of the company earnings spots on “Great Place to Work” lists in Canada, France, Greece, the United Kingdom and the U.S.

There are many factors that contribute to winning a “Great Place to Work” award but, without question, the men and women of General Mills are what make this company a great place to work.

I travel around the country and all over the world for my job. We now employ 39,000 people in over 100 countries.

Last week I visited two General Mills locations – a manufacturing plant in the U.S. and our General Mills France office. What struck me at week’s end was the enthusiasm and expertise of the employees we met in each location.

As we grow globally, we realize the company is getting more complex. To maintain a commonality at the nucleus of the company, we recently updated our core values and launched them globally, translating the values into multiple languages and encouraging employees to bring the values to life.

At the heart of these five core values is my favorite, which is: “we do the right thing, all the time.”  We have always had high integrity as a core value, but the restatement into these words has resonated with our employees all around the globe.

This value has generated the most excitement and, in the words of many, the most pride in the company.

It is exciting to win this award, and to have it be a direct result of gaining Great Place to Work recognition in five separate countries.

General Mills truly is a great place to work, and our people are the best in the business.