Nov 16, 2012 • By

One sandwich goes a long way

I was part of a project that made 500 sandwiches in 30 minutes!

The Women in GBS (Global Business Solutions) held a sandwich-making event at our headquarters on Nov. 8 to benefit The Sandwich Project, an organization in Minnesota that delivers sandwiches to food shelves and homeless shelters.

I helped organize it, along with Joni Metz and Julie Esselman. We partnered with Coburns Delivers to have enough meat, cheese, bread, and sandwich bags for the event.

Enough for 500 sandwiches!

We set up two long tables to accommodate four lines of employees who took time out of their day to help out. It was a true assembly line process.

The saying ‘Many hands make light work’ was certainly true for this event. We were like a well-oiled machine once things got started. It was amazing to see the piles of meat, cheese and bags of bread quickly get used up. Before we knew it, people were looking for more bread to keep making sandwiches.

We booked the room for two hours thinking we would need most of that time. Incredibly, it only took a half-hour to get to 500!

The realization that we were done so fast was a bit of a shock. More employees continued to arrive after we finished and were disappointed to miss out.

After all the sandwiches were loaded into totes, Joni and I drove to a distribution center in Plymouth, Minn., and dropped them off. The woman who took the sandwiches from us was so appreciative and thankful.

We were told our sandwiches would be stored, and then delivered to 12 area shelters and food shelves, including, Division of Indian Works, Sabathani, Joyce Food shelf, Simpson House, House of Charity, Bethesda and more.

The Sandwich Project is on a pace that means they would deliver about 12,000 sandwiches per year.

The group relies on volunteers to meet the demand. There are families and small groups who make as many as 150 sandwiches at a time. There are companies, churches and schools who make thousands of sandwiches at a time.

For next year, we are already considering doubling our goal, to 1,000 sandwiches.

The need is great. And there are many different ways people can help with The Sandwich Project, including drivers to take sandwiches to the shelters and food shelves – weekly, monthly, or anything in-between.

Our event to help The Sandwich Project was a lot of work, but was also really fun. There was lots of laughter and people genuinely enjoyed the time together. We all felt we should do more events like this in the future and to make our leadership aware that Women in GBS have a passion to serve.

Women in GBS is made up of about 350 employees, organized to champion the development, advancement, and retention of women throughout the GBS function. We also participate in many philanthropic initiatives and volunteer activities for various organizations. I’m proud to be part of it!

For me personally, the event to help The Sandwich Project was very humbling. While making the sandwiches, I couldn’t help but think about whom the recipients might be and what their daily lives are like. I’m sure for some it must be a constant struggle. We tend to take having enough food for granted; our pantries and refrigerators are well stocked.

I have participated in other charitable events, but food is such a basic need that it really makes you pause to consider just how fortunate we are.