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Out of this world ice cream cake

A cosmic creation has landed on earth: The Häagen-Dazs Ice Moon by Doshi Levien. The creativity, craftsmanship and know-how of Häagen-Dazs are sublimated in a moon-shaped ice cream cake available in Europe beginning this week.

For the last five years, Häagen-Dazs has asked young, talented, designers to imagine a surprising ice cream cake for Christmastime.

This year, Häagen-Dazs was drawn to Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, a couple in creation and real life. Doshi, who is from India, and Levien, from Scotland, are known for mixing contemporary design with respectful art and craft.

“We have a particular love of materials and different making processes so the idea of working with Häagen-Dazs to create a cake made entirely of ice cream was irresistible. It immediately caught our imagination,” the couple says. “There is something attractive about the ephemeral nature of ice cream made to be eaten, something which appeals to all senses …”

The two say the idea for a spherical design came, in part, from a childhood fantasy of imagining the moon as a scoop of ice cream.

The white moon cake is made of a pistachio biscuit base, layers of macadamia nut ice cream and meringue and a coating of raspberry ice cream. The orange moon cake has crunchy chocolate at the bottom, layers of nutty ice cream and salted caramel and a coating of vanilla ice cream.

Moonstruck yet?

The cakes, which cost about $58 (U.S.), are handmade by the chef patissier at the Champs-Elysées shop kitchen in Paris.

As you’d imagine, making such a luxurious, gourmet goodie isn’t easy. The ice cream has to be molded at precisely -18⁰C/0⁰F. If you look closely at The Häagen-Dazs Ice Moon, you can see craters with tiny, raised edges. We’re told the ice cream experts spent hours determining how many millimeters were needed to create the effect.

There have been several “moon sightings” over the last several weeks. Journalists at a Rue Royale event where several luxury brands presented their Christmas collections discovered the deliciousness of The Häagen-Dazs Ice Moon. Doshi Levien designers were there, too.

Paris Design Week included an exhibition at Häagen-Dazs Champs-Elysées.

A display included The Ice Moon as well as the ice-themed cakes from Christmases past – The Snowflake, My Christmas Tree, Iceberg and The Ice Flower inspired by the edelweiss.

The very first Christmas cakes were only available in Paris. This year, The Ice Moon by Doshi Levien can be found at Häagen-Dazs shops throughout France, Belgium, Amsterdam and London.