Dec 12, 2012 • By

Spreading holiday cheer

With the holidays upon us, the employees of the Mill City division (our baking brands) at General Mills are actively engaged in the spirit of the season.

Through a variety of events, the division is living-out our brand purposes and showcasing holiday solutions in the process.

The division recently hosted two sampling events showcasing seasonal recipes featuring Mill City products.

Our goal for these events was to share with employees at our headquarters the fantastic holiday solutions that can be created with our products.

The Betty Crocker event featured samples of Caramel Fudge Turtle Cookies made with Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix. Seasonal recipe booklets were also passed out so employees could experiment at home and share ideas with friends and family.

The Pillsbury event featured samples of Bacon Cheddar Pinwheels, recipe booklets and an online e-card experience.

The e-card allowed employees the chance to create a personalized version of the popular “Nose Knows” Doughboy video that could be shared with friends and family via Facebook. Both events were very well received by employees.

In addition to the recent sampling events the division has hosted numerous events for the entire floor in our Bell Tower building to participate. Every Thursday afternoon, Mill City employees are gathering to take a break from their work and catch up over holiday desserts such as pumpkin pie or frosted sugar cookies.

The “Welcome Home for the Holidays” events have been a great way for employees from the recently combined Pillsbury and Betty Crocker teams to get to know each other.

Complementing this event and further supporting the goal of making Mill City feel like home is the “Photo from Home” initiative.

A table featuring empty picture frames was placed in the lobby a few weeks ago and is now overflowing with photos of employees and their families celebrating the holidays.

Ending each week on a high note, every Friday, recipe cards featuring Pillsbury and Betty Crocker products are printed for each employee to take and share with family and friends.

The holiday spirit has been contagious.

Today, some employees who support the Mill City division are wearing their best (ugly) holiday sweaters to work.

Originally planned as nothing more than a fun employee experience, the event also has transformed into a way for employees to connect with brand fans.

Through social listening, the Betty Crocker team found lots of discussion around ugly sweater parties and decided to execute a small activity. The entire group will now compete in an ugly sweater cookie decorating competition. Photos and commentary from the event will be shared with members of the Betty Crocker social community in what is sure to be popular content!

All of these holiday related events have helped create a positive environment across the floor in our group.

Mill City employees are excited to celebrate the season and will hopefully inspire their family, friends and other General Mills colleagues.

We have truly fulfilled our brand purposes of “Help make home” and “Inspire and empower the maker in all of us” this holiday season.