Mar 06, 2013 • By

Innovation showcased on Greater MSP Business TV

Peter Erickson, General Mills senior vice president of Innovation, Technology and Quality, appeared this week on Greater MSP Business TV to talk about the company’s culture of innovation.

The show’s host, veteran journalist Cyndy Brucato, interviewed Peter on a variety of business topics during the segment, including new product innovation, market research, the popularity of Greek yogurt, and the company’s adoption of an open innovation strategy.

“At General Mills we are blessed with a tremendous number of really talented individuals who are looking to find ways to innovate and bring new benefits to consumers,” he said.

Peter remarked that the company’s open innovation program, G-WIN, has given General Mills the opportunity combine the talents of employees with those of talented innovators around the world to “bring even greater innovation into the marketplace to meet unmet consumer needs.”

You can view Peter’s full interview on Greater MSP’s YouTube channel.

Greater MSP Business TV is a partnership between Greater MSP and St. Paul-based KSTP-TV focused on sharing the stories, advice and news of businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. The program airs Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. Central on KSTP-TV.

Editor’s note: General Mills Chairman and CEO Ken Powell currently serves as the vice-chair of Greater MSP’s Board of Directors.