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Spring forward with new Pillsbury Lookbook

Cookies topped with jelly beans, delicious egg bakes, doughnut hole pops, monkey bread with jalapeños… hungry yet?

The new Spring 2013 Lookbook from Pillsbury is loaded with recipes for the holidays and other get-togethers in the next few weeks.

This latest Lookbook is the third that Pillsbury has produced. We profiled the Holiday 2012 Lookbook in December, which followed a Back-to-School edition last fall.

Jennifer Buege, the executive editor of, says the Spring Lookbook represents our need to discover some fresh ideas.

“People are tired of winter. They need a little bit of inspiration, probably a little bit of a push into spring entertaining. It starts to be the fun season again, and we want to make sure we are providing ideas for them throughout the season,” says Jennifer.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Monkey Business

A colleague of mine is going to go bananas when she sees the six new monkey breads in the Lookbook collection. She and her family love the pull-apart loaves, and she tells me they traditionally make monkey sounds when it comes out of the oven. Maple Bacon, Cheesy Jalapeño Popper and Double Chocolate monkey bread recipes with Crescents are just a few of them in the Lookbook.

Doughnut Hole Pops

Doughnut Hole Pops are one of the treats featured in The Sweetest Things section. The recipe transforms a tube of biscuits into colorful, portable goodies.

Bunny Tail Buns

Recipes for Bunny Tail Buns and other fun buns (like Pig Buns) make up the Lookbook’s Roll Play section. Although the creations in this section may look difficult to make, they’re definitely not designed to be – as Jennifer explains in this audio clip.

Spring Flower Cookies

Jelly beans make great toppings in three kid-friendly cookie recipes in the Lookbook.

Good Eggs

There also are 10 dishes involving eggs, including something I will be making at my house, the Cheesy Southwest Egg Bake.

So where do all these brilliant ideas come from?

Jennifer says, as you’ll hear in this audio clip, that she and her team pull from trends and also use Pinterest and other websites for inspiration. They spend about three months developing recipes and putting them into this mini-publication. She credits many people for helping bring the Lookbook to life – within our Kitchens, Photo Studios, IT and more. And, she says they always learn something to apply to the next Lookbook (which will be in the fall).

Editor’s note: In addition to checking out the Spring 2013 Lookbook on, we’ve also pinned the recipes on our Pinterest page.