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Catch the Lucky Charms mash-up on TV

A mash-up video celebrating nearly 50 magical years of Lucky Charms is now a national TV ad, launching in time for season finale week in the U.S.

The new 15-second spot was inspired by the original, created by mash-up super star Melodysheep, in partnership with YouTube network Machinima.

The original mash-up generated nearly 1 million views and thousands of fan responses and requests to see it morph into a TV ad.

That inspiration led Lucky Charms to work with the creative directors at Pat-Man Studios (creators of the award-winning Indy hit “Captain Cornelius Cartoon’s Cartoon Lagoon”) in partnership with Saatchi & Saatchi and Grammy-award winning composer Jeff Elmassian (of VW’s “The Bark Side” spot) to evolve the video into a 15-second TV ad.

It debuted earlier tonight, during “The Voice” on NBC, and also will appear on “American Idol” and the Billboard Music Awards.

Here’s the new ad:

“We had no idea this video would receive so much fan support and compel us to create a national TV ad around it,” said Greg Pearson, marketing manager for Lucky Charms. “In our recent efforts to reignite our adult fans’ love for the brand, we’ve hit on something that’s bringing joy to families everywhere.”

The original mash-up video from Melodysheep was created as part of the campaign around Lucky Charms’ augmented-reality app, “Chase for the Charms,” in March that had fans on the hunt for Lucky’s pot-o-gold worth $10,000.

The Lucky Charms team invites fans everywhere to visit its Facebook page to let them know what they’d like to see next after this!

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