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New Cheerios commercial celebrates family

A new commercial from Cheerios is receiving attention online.

The ad, entitled “Just Checking,” debuted on Monday night in the U.S. It features a multicultural family – mom, dad and daughter – interacting over a box of heart-healthy Cheerios. (Watch “Just Checking” on the Cheerios YouTube channel).

I interviewed Meredith Tutterow, associate marketing director for Cheerios, about the commercial and the response it is receiving.

“We think the ad is really great, and we appreciate the strongly positive response it’s receiving,” she says. “It’s the latest in Cheerios’ heart healthy campaign – one we’ve been running since 1997.”

In this audio clip, Meredith says there are many kinds of families who enjoy Cheerios – and Cheerios celebrates them all.

The commercial is prompting positive comments on Twitter and on the Cheerios Facebook page.

But the Cheerios team disabled the comment feature on YouTube, because “not all the comments on YouTube were family-friendly,” Meredith says. “So we’ve turned off the comments feature for for the moment, but we’ll look to turn it back on at some point.”

Meredith told me the Cheerios team is a bit surprised that a multicultural ad is sparking this level of media interest (covered in this report in The New York Times).

“Our actors reflect so many families across America that we are actually a little surprised to see this ad become a story on its own,” says Meredith. “Multicultural families are everywhere, including on television, so the attention this has received from the media is somewhat surprising.”

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