Jun 10, 2013 • By

Tumble our history on Tumblr

With nearly 150 years of innovation inside and outside the kitchens of the U.S., and around the world, there are many memorable highlights in our past.

So we recently decided we needed a new place to share our history with you – a Tumblr blog.

From images of our vintage advertising and packaging, to items used in promotions involving our beloved brands, we will use Tumblr to show off the collection of the General Mills Archives (as we did today with this video clip with Susan Wakefield, our corporate archivist, talking about the origin of Betty Crocker).

Our new Tumblr blog will be the perfect place to deliver short anecdotes about General Mills through photos, video, and of course a few GIFs. (We’ll continue to publish longer blog posts about our past here on “A Taste of General Mills,” in the History category).

It also will be a great place for you to tell us what you would like us to share.

Perhaps there’s a product you remember eating as a child, or you wonder about the early days of one of our brands or the history of our test kitchens.

Check out our first posts, which include a vintage Cheerios box, the promising but discontinued Squeezit fruit drink and the story of how Gold Medal flour was named.

We look forward to tumbling with you, on our Tumblr blog!