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Betty is top choice in TV wedding cake test

For more than 90 years, families have created convenient, delicious meals and easy-to-make, great-tasting desserts with Betty Crocker products.

Last night, the ABC news program “The Lookout” confirmed what millions of Americans already knew: Betty Crocker cakes taste really good!

During a fun segment on wedding cakes, a blind taste test was conducted between three delicious and decorative cakes from Betty Crocker, a grocery store, and a New York bakery.

The Betty Crocker cake unanimously won the taste test among the four people who sampled the cakes.


When discussing his choice of the Betty Crocker cake, one man noted, “It’s what I know about cake, it’s what I like about cake.” Another judge stated, “It tastes homemade.”

The Betty team was glad to get the nod, after being in good company with two great cakes.

To thank the ABC staff member, Emily — who baked the Betty Crocker cake for the segment — the Betty Crocker Kitchens presented her with the “Red Spoon Award” and three Betty Crocker cookbooks.


Watch “The Cake Test” on ABC’s The Lookout.

And visit BettyCrocker.com for some great cake ideas.