Aug 14, 2013 • By

A focus on food texture

An article today in The Wall Street Journal looks at how food companies are paying closer attention to consumer’s texture preferences, and the impact of that thinking on new product development.

“Why Food Companies Are Fascinated by the Way We Eat” says “there were 20,790 new food packages world-wide making a texture claim in 2012, roughly double the number in 2008, according to Netherlands-based Innova Market Insights.” (A subscription may be required to access the article.)

In her article, Anne Marie Chaker referenced BFAST, our first product in the liquid breakfast market.

The story quotes Betsy Frost, the marketing manager for BFAST, about consumer reaction as the drink’s texture was developed and tested: “We came up with a tight range [of texture]. ‘Smooth’ was within this range, and ‘filling’ meant a little more thickness.”

The report also says consumers “fall generally into one of four major categories of texture preference” with “Chewers” the biggest group, who “enjoy the prolonged chewing action involved in eating, say, a soft cookie.”

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