Fiber One ad
Aug 14, 2013 • By

High fiber with zero drama

Warning, we’re about to put a song in your head. And, make you hungry for a Fiber One bar.

But first – I’d like to share the back story about our new Fiber One commercials.

Over the past year, the Fiber One Snacks team has been on a journey to understand our consumers a little better. We even went out and visited people in their homes to learn more about their daily lives, and their view of how dieting and snacking go together … or how they don’t!

In one of our in-home visits, we spoke to a woman who told us about one of her biggest snacking dilemmas. She had recently stopped at a gas station to fill her car’s tank. She went inside the convenience store to pay and also grabbed a candy bar while she was at the checkout. She got back into her car, placed the candy bar on her front dashboard, and proceeded to stare at it for two minutes.

She described the situation as a tension-filled internal debate to us: ‘Do I eat this? It looks so good, but then I will regret it and it will un-do all the good I have done today so far. But I want a treat, I deserve a treat. Ugh!!! Why can’t there be snacks out there that don’t make me feel so guilty!?’

This very personal story helped bring to life the real tension that dieters everywhere face, when they know that every choice has consequences. This insight helped inspire the team and our creative partners at Saatchi to create a new drama based campaign.

This week, that campaign came to life when Fiber One Snacks launched new TV spots for our brownies and bars, featuring the ultimate dramatic song parody of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

The team re-wrote the lyrics for the ads, which highlight characters in the midst of snacking decisions.

Here is “Turn Around Barry.”

And, “Turn Around Barbara.”

With high fiber and great taste, I think it’s clear that Fiber One removes the drama from those snacking decisions and diffuses the drama in a humorous way that only Fiber One can!