Adrian Peterson Blippar
Aug 22, 2013 • By

Thinking outside the cereal box

There’s more than cereal in that Adrian Peterson box of Wheaties you just bought.

Peterson is in there too.

Don’t believe me? Well, then download the Blippar app for your phone or tablet, open it, and point it at one of the three new Peterson boxes.

This is what you’ll see.

Adrian Peterson BlipparPretty cool, right?

Besides the feeling that Peterson is about to run you over, you’ll see a link on your screen that will open up an 8-bit “All Day Challenge” video game. You also can take a virtual photo with Peterson and share it on your social accounts.

Adrian Peterson Blippar

The partnership with Blippar and Wheaties is an example of how General Mills, and some of our brightest digital marketing minds, are trying some new technology with our brands and their packaging.

“We have a lot of history of leveraging our packaging as a media vehicle, with movies and other content,” says Doug Moore, vice president vice president of Advertising and Branding. “But with this technology, we can really unlock the package as a media property itself – as a media experience – and not just as a container of food.”

Doug told me the team that coordinated with Blippar set out to do something interesting, quickly, and will lead to future digital innovation involving packaging at General Mills.

“What I appreciate most about this is our innovation lab’s personal accountability to just try something. They didn’t put together all kinds of pitches and presentations, they just did it. They executed,” Doug says. “The team figured out how to make this happen for Wheaties, and in a way that we’re going to learn a lot from.”

Andrew Charon, a creative technologist at General Mills, is one of the innovation team members Doug is praising. His job is to help identify and implement technology that can help our brands take a new step with their digital marketing and presence.

“I love getting involved in the projects that General Mills has never done before. Something that’s emerging, that people are still trying to figure out. It’s just been really fun,” says Andrew.

The Blippar integration with Wheaties was actually tested earlier this year on a “Tough Mudder” box, shown in this video, to see how it would work.

With the Tough Mudder box as a “proof of concept,” Andrew told me the team progressed to developing content for the Peterson boxes (which have the Blippar instructions printed on them to alert consumers that the technology is there).

Blippar Wheaties

Blippar is considered the first image-recognition phone app that creates augmented reality experiences and dynamic visual content with brands, newspapers, magazines and posters. The company launched in the UK in 2011.

“It’s definitely an amazing opportunity to work with Wheaties,” says Lisa Hu, vice president and U.S. founding member, Blippar. “It makes sense for us to partner with brands that are in the kitchens of consumers. We want to supply them with opportunities for ‘blippable’ content for an interactive experience at breakfast, and all across a person’s day.”

Have you used Blippar with Wheaties or another product? What do you think?