Green Giant Corn Maze
Sep 27, 2013 • By

A giant corn maze

Since the Jolly Green Giant is well-known for fresh sweet corn, it’s fitting that his likeness was created out of a corn field this year.

Montgomery Corn Maze

Quite an honor, don’t you think?

I traveled to Montgomery Orchard in Montgomery, Minn., to meet Scott and Barb Wardell and experience the 2013 version of their six-acre “Be-A-Mazed Corn Maze” with my family.

Wardell told me he chose to go with the Green Giant for this year’s maze design after talking with Second Harvest Heartland, one of General Mills’ hunger relief partners here in Minnesota.

“It made sense, because here we are sitting in an area where a lot of sweet corn that’s grown ends up being sold by Green Giant, so I knew the design would have to be the Jolly Green Giant,” says Wardell. “People who have been here to the orchard love it.”

Hear more from Wardell, and go inside the maze, in this video interview.

Visitors to Montgomery Orchard receive a dollar off admission if they bring a non-perishable food item. General Mills and Faribault Foods will each donate a pound of food to match every pound collected.

Green Giant Corn Maze

Green Giant also provided Sprout dolls to be given to children who complete the trivia questions in the corn maze.

Green Giant Corn Maze

Wardell expects the total food donations, combined with apples from the orchard, to hit the 20,000 pound mark.

If you’re not in Minnesota, I put together this fast motion clip of part of the maze so you can experience it too.

Montgomery Orchard welcomes visitors through Oct. 27, Fridays through Sundays – the hours are on their website.

Besides the maze, people can pick or purchase delicious apples – including caramel apples, make or buy cider, walk on a nature trail, and listen to live music from time to time.

Green Giant Corn Maze

The Jolly Green Giant is the Wardells’ fourth corn maze at Montgomery Orchard.

They created the logo for the Minnesota Twins in their first year, they marked the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War the following year, then made Abraham Lincoln’s face out of corn, and showcased The Beatles last year.