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What kind of Monster Cereals fan are you?

News of this season’s resurrection of the Monster Cereals Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy, to join their friends Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry, has been met with excitement.

And we’ve noticed that big time Monster Cereals fans seem to fall into one of two camps:

1. People who love Monster Cereals because they’re reminded of childhood and what a treat these cereals were.

2. People who love everything about horror and monsters in general, with a special affinity for Monster Cereals.

So, what kind of Monster Cereals fan are you?

Secretive blogger The Retroist falls into the first camp.

“I have been eating Monster Cereals my entire life. I love them all, but my constant companion over the years has been Boo Berry,” says The Retroist, who would not reveal their name. “That droopy-eyed, berry-flavored ghost just makes me smile. A close second now is Frute Brute, who has rocked my cereal world since his re-introduction.”

The Retroist’s cabinets are now stocked up with all five Monster Cereals and next to those boxes are other pieces of memorabilia including a Frute Brute Playmate toy long-coveted as a child and purchased as an adult, a Boo Berry toy, Monster bobble head figurines and yes, even a Boo Berry costume.

boo berry costume

“I wanted a homemade costume, but I have always lacked the skill to pull it off,” says The Retroist. “I decided I would pick up a quality store-bought costume, but I wanted it to be timeless and not a costume you would see all that often. I wanted something that would have been a costume I’d have cherished as a kid. Boo Berry just seemed like the natural choice.”

The Retroist blogs about nostalgia and retro facets of pop culture at and even has a podcast. “The Internet surprises you with legions of people who are into the same thing as you. It’s a magical place.”

Kaci Hansen of the Homicidal Homemaker blog falls into the second Monster Cereals fan camp. She disliked scary movies as a child, but after seeing several with her parents assuring her nothing was real, she became intrigued that something not real could look 100 percent real and invoke such fear.

It inspired her to learn about props, costumes, makeup and movie production.

Eventually, she gained a reputation as the “Martha Stewart of the macabre,” and someone also told her she “put the cleaver in June Cleaver,” after bringing delicious, but horrific-looking dishes to Halloween parties.

kaci hansen

She’s currently working on a cookbook that features recipes using Monster Cereals which allow her to blend her love of horror with the cereals she enjoyed as a childhood Halloween tradition. You can find some of her spooky good Monster Cereals recipes here.

While she finds them all delicious, she said Boo Berry holds a special place in her heart, but he’s finding some competition from Frute Brute. Hansen collects Monster Cereal boxes each year and, “When I first met my boyfriend, one of the first things I noticed in his house were his Monster Cereal magnets on his fridge,” she says.

What’s your Monster Cereal personality?

Which cereal do you love and why is it your favorite?

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