Old El Paso
Sep 09, 2013 • By

Mexico inspires the flavors of Old El Paso

Spicy, mild, robust, colorful, flavorful and delicious – all words that Old El Paso chef Jonathan Griebel uses to describe the tastes and allure of Mexican food.

For more than a decade, Jonathan has traveled to Mexico and those adventures have unveiled a string of popular Mexican products tied to his explorations.

The latest? Old El Paso Frozen Entree Meals.

“Mexican is my favorite food,” says Jonathan, a senior scientist at General Mills, who also is also a chef. “I love the complex flavors. Authentic Mexican flavors are just incredible. It’s one of the most misunderstood cuisines.”

Old El Paso

During his latest trip to Mexico, he met with chili pepper farmers, street vendors and fellow chefs. He visited food markets, learned about the right kind of cheese for quesadillas as well as the fine points of making tortillas and sauce blends.

You can see Jonathan on some of his culinary adventures in Mexico, here.

Beginning today, September 9, you can check your local U.S. supermarket freezers for Old El Paso chicken and beef burritos, enchiladas, fajitas and quesadillas Frozen Entree Meals.

And don’t worry Europe and Canada, you’ll see similar meals in your markets coming soon in 2014.

Old El Paso

Recently, a lucky adult kickball league in Minneapolis, Minn. got a sneak peek of the newest additions to the Old El Paso family.

“We probably had 150 people try our products that day,” says Travis Wells, associate marketing manager for the brand. “Everybody was surprised by the flavors and the amount of food. Many couldn’t believe it was frozen food and some even described (the meals) as restaurant-quality.”

Old El Paso

Before joining the General Mills family, Old El Paso did have a line of frozen entrees and dinners in the mid-1980s, when the brand was part of Pet Inc. Offerings included beef, chicken and cheese enchiladas as well as beef, chicken and vegetable chimichangas.

Two years ago, Old El Paso looked at reviving the product and began work on the new frozen entrees as the brand saw the chance to fill a void in the marketplace.

Jonathan and his team are proud of the new Old El Paso entrees, but they won’t be standing still to enjoy the delicious success for long.

He’ll be returning to Mexico in October. “Ideas have been rattling around in my head for years, so there’s more to come,” he promises.