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Memorable and messy first birthday moments

The best part of a one-year-old’s birthday party is watching the birthday kid explore, taste, smash, smear and dive in to their cake.

But not many party guests want to eat a piece of cake that a toddler has had his or her hands on.

Enter the smash cake.

Nearly six in 10 moms say their child’s first birthday cake is a messy one, according to a recent Betty Crocker survey. And, 46 percent said they made their own cakes for a first birthday.

So, to make baby’s birthday festivities easy and filled with mashable memories, Betty Crocker has created pint-sized first birthday smash cake recipes that are easy to make and designed for the birthday baby to enjoy however they please.

Betty also released this fun video to celebrate some messy moments captured from first birthdays.

“First birthdays are a very important milestone for every parent,” says Maria Jaramillo, associate marketing manager for Betty Crocker Baking. “Small kids like to try everything with their hands and mouths so a smash cake is perfect. It lets babies experience their cake at their own pace and truly enjoy it.”

From a simple mini confetti cake stack to a little cake that says, “I’m one” in a big way and even a sneaky way to get veggies into a sweet birthday treat, Betty Crocker has smash cake ideas to fit every party theme and baking skill level.

number one smash cake

“There’s something really special about capturing the first moment of digging into their cake and sharing that moment with family and friends,” Maria says. “We wanted to celebrate that.”

Larger first birthday versions or cupcakes for non-smashing guests to enjoy are a snap to make with leftover batter.

confetti smash cake

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