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Cereal lovers, we salute you

Our friends at Hello, Cereal Lovers have proclaimed this week, National Cereal Lovers Week.

It features star-studded chefs, cereal-inspired culinary creations, cereal-themed pop art installations and even a sweepstakes to get consumers thinking outside the (cereal) box. I’ll share some of those details, below.

But first, what is Hello, Cereal Lovers and how did they get to be such a big deal with slurping and crunching fans everywhere?

“Hello, Cereal Lovers is a community that celebrates all the reasons people love cereal,” says Pam Kermisch, an integrated communications director at General Mills.


Hello, Cereal Lovers is fueled by a growing digital alliance of cereal fanatics sharing their insatiable appetite for all things cereal in many expressive ways – from posting pictures of their own cereal bowls and favorite iconic characters, to sharing stories about new and vibrant ways to incorporate cereal into our everyday lives.


In fact, hundreds of thousands of fans are now part of the Hello, Cereal Lovers community online through their websiteFacebookTwitterInstagramTumblr and more. Those sites and accounts have been up and running for about a year.

The New York Times wrote about the project in “Online, a Cereal Maker Takes an Inclusive Approach.”


“Americans are passionate about their favorite cereals – it’s a very emotional food. Cereal plays a role in key points throughout our lives. Whether it’s Cheerios being the first food a toddler is able to feed him/herself or the always-available comfort food for a college student away from home for the first time … cereal makes life better,” says Pam.

More than 90 percent of families in the U.S. have cereal in their kitchen cupboards, so you know there’s a lot of love in that cereal bowl!

And, as cereal lovers know, cereal is also just plain fun.

On National Cereal Day earlier this year, Hello, Cereal Lovers created an amazing cereal map of the U.S.

“We’re all cereal fans too,” Pam says. “It’s energizing and fun to work with cereal because we’ve all grown up with cereal, still enjoy it as adults and we understand the passion cereal fans have for their favorite brands. I get to work on brands I love and connect with other cereal lovers. Does it get better than that?”

For National Cereal Lovers Week, the Hello, Cereal Lovers team is continuing to share the love on its social sites, and at some events.

They’ll be a part of a special “cereal pop art” exhibit at this week’s Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by FOOD & WINE. The display at the historic Plaza Hotel will be feature cereal artwork and visuals highlighting retro boxes and classic cereal collectibles, fashion inspired by famous pop art designs and interactive exhibits.

Celebrity chef Justin Warner also will be on-site creating fun, cereal-inspired cocktails and discussing his cereal fascination.

The Hello, Cereal Lovers team put together this “Cereal Through the Ages” video for the event.

In addition, cereal aficionados can submit their cereal-centric recipes in the “Battle Outside the Bowl” sweepstakes, for a chance to win the “ultimate cereal lover’s prize” – a case of favorite cereals (and $1,000 for cooking essentials).

Cereal lovers, what’s your favorite cereal and why?