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Have you experienced #SnackDrama?

Ever purchased a candy bar then give it the evil eye, saying, “I shouldn’t eat that”?

Think you can actually hear that cheesecake calling to you from the refrigerator?

Now Fiber One is taking the snack-sized dramas people share on Twitter and acting them out with a group of community theater actors as they present #SnackDrama.

“Twitter is full of people confessing their snacking drama. #SnackDrama is a way for people to vent their snacking temptations and the drama that comes from deciding what food to eat,” says Elizabeth Eberle, marketing manager, Fiber One snacks.

It goes like this:

* You confess your snack drama on Twitter with the hashtag #SnackDrama.

* The Fiber One team works with actors at the Brooklyn School of Music theater to present a dramatic adaption of your tweet.

* Each #SnackDrama is played on Fiber One’s YouTube channel.

The Snack Drama players opened off-off-off-off Broadway on October 4 and will run through the end of October.

Here is another one of the clips:

The Fiber One team has learned a lot over the past few weeks about how to turn a tweet, script and clip around in a short amount of time.

According to Elizabeth, a typical week looks like this:

* Monday – Review and choose tweets
* Wednesday – Dress rehearsal with director and cast
* Thursday – Film eight to 12 clips
* Friday – editing and post-production
* Saturday – Review the final clips and use the weekend to tweet the clips to #SnackDrama fans

kale snack

“Everyone on our team has their favorites,” says Elizabeth. “I personally love the clips that involve the ‘Kale’ character, I love his deadpan delivery.”

Share your dramatic snacking moments with @FiberOne using the hashtag #SnackDrama and your tweet could be made into a YouTube clip!