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Kyle Rudolph teams up with Lefty

When you see the hands of Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota football tight end, you quickly realize why he’s done so well on the field.

And why some people think they’re as big as Lefty, the Helping Hand from Helper!


Kyle Rudolph, giving Lefty a hand.

As we learned over the last year or so, Rudolph also is a Helper fan. So as one of the hardest working men in football, we think he’s a great fit to now be representing the “Hardest Working Meal in America.”


In addition to having a Helper worthy appetite, Rudolph appreciates his Helper-worthy nickname.

His mom, Jamie, calls his hands, “mitts.” Quarterbacks call them “targets.” While at one of his games in his first year with Minnesota, Jamie’s friends began commenting that Kyle’s hands looked like the “Hamburger Helper Guy.” She and Kyle share that story in this video.

Not long after being called that by family and friends, the media and football fans across the U.S. picked the nickname up and started calling Rudolph that as well.

A story even appeared, suggesting Helper strike up a marketing deal with him, since Lefty is here at General Mills, just a few miles from his practice and game days fields.

The Helper team took notice and began to learn more about him.

We even sent Rudolph something to start the conversation, as you see in this photo shared by a teammate in 2012.

Rudolph’s accomplishments on the field are immediately noticeable. He had successful seasons throughout high school in Cincinnati, and after his junior year in college Minnesota drafted Rudolph and he made an immediate impact in professional football. After his second year, he was named to the Pro Bowl and was MVP of that game.


The more we learned about Rudolph, the more we realized what a perfect fit he was to partner with Helper. He’s an incredibly hard-worker and very committed in all that he does. He attributes these traits to much of the success he’s having.

Additionally, he grew up eating Helper meals his mom, Jamie, made for him.


Speaking of Jamie, she too has joined our Helper campaign with Kyle. She’s a confident home cook and his biggest cheerleader – generously hosting family and friends to watch Kyle and enjoy some good food on game days.

In fact, Jamie has teamed up with the Betty Crocker Kitchens to co-create a collection of game day and tailgating recipes using Helper, that she loves to cook and Kyle loves to eat.

To see the full Helper Game Day recipe collection, head to Jamie’s Taco Salad is definitely a hit!

Jamie's Taco Salad

On Tuesday, Kyle and Jamie both joined us here at General Mills. We hosted a satellite media tour from the Betty Crocker Kitchens, where the Rudolphs, along with food editor Madison Mayberry , conducted radio and TV interviews discussing the Helper Game Day recipes.


Madison Mayberry of the Betty Crocker Kitchens, with Jamie and Kyle Rudolph.

Our Meals Division also had the pleasure of meeting Kyle and Jamie in person, sampling many of Jamie’s recipes and having the chance to chat with Kyle and receive his autograph.


Jamie and Kyle are truly a delight to partner with. We’re all looking forward to building our partnership in the coming months.


Kyle & Jamie Rudolph, with Lefty and the Helper teams!

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