Nature Valley
Oct 18, 2013 • By

Nature Valley welcomes back the national parks

Nature Valley, and the roughly 12 million people who would have visited the U.S. National Parks during the federal government shutdown have a special reason to celebrate.

One of America’s most precious outlets for recreation and appreciation of nature’s beauty is now accessible again, now that the government has reopened.

Given our brand purpose of connecting people to nature, the Nature Valley team couldn’t let the opportunity pass to recognize that this treasure is once again available for all to enjoy.

So, on behalf of all other nature lovers we’d like to say, ‘Welcome Back, National Parks. Good to see you again.’

This video, in a :15 commercial, will air immediately, using some of our existing TV placements.

We also are promoting the video on YouTube and through our social channels.

Lastly, since the 123rd birthday of Yosemite National Park was interrupted by the shutdown we are throwing a belated birthday party for Yosemite by partnering with local media and outfitters to offer 123 passes to the park for those who live in the area.

Our goal with all of these efforts is to continue to encourage people to explore, enjoy and ultimately connect with nature in these unique and irreplaceable assets, the National Parks. Learn more at