Raise a Giant
Oct 01, 2013 • By

Raise a Giant

As a mom of three kids, I’ve always been proud to say I work for General Mills. I love the fact that our company’s mission of Nourishing Lives aligns with what I believe in, and I’ve seen numerous examples of, in my many different roles.

I now have the privilege of working on the Green Giant brand where our purpose is to help people grow and thrive.

We help people grow and thrive physically with our veggies, but we also believe in helping people grow and thrive emotionally.

One of the biggest emotional issues facing families today is bullying. Did you know that over half of all kids have personally witnessed some kind of bullying at their school?

Our team was so saddened to hear this … but also not surprised. Every single person on our team has been touched by bullying in some way.

We all have a story – whether it was being bullied ourselves or witnessing someone else as a target. And now, as a mom, it breaks my heart to know that my kids will most likely experience it in some way.

That’s why we have begun our ‘Raise a Giant’ movement.

All it takes is one kid to stand up and be kind, which instantly takes away a bully’s power.

Beginning today, we are asking you to join us and write a letter to your child asking them to be the one to stand up and be GIANT and kind.

Raise a Giant

I wrote a letter to my son Jacob and shared it with him last month on the night before his first day in middle school. I put my arm around him and shared all my hopes for him this school year. I let him know that my husband and I love seeing him do well on a test or pitch a great game, but nothing makes us more proud than when he is sweet to others.

Melissa Wildermuth

My letter allowed us to begin a conversation that continues to this day. If we were all able to share our hopes with our kids, imagine the kindness that could spread!

I sincerely hope that you can join us as we try to raise a giant in every family across the country.

Please visit RaiseAGiant.com to read letters other parents have written, write your own, and share it with your family and community.

Together, we can give our kids the encouragement to reach out and be kind. And together, we can help them grow and thrive!