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Spooning up something new at

My name is Erin Anderson. I’m the Interactive Marketing Manager at General Mills, and I wanted to share the journey behind, from its beginnings to the new design making its debut today.


Tablespoon got its start back in 2008, when the company was looking to get more of our amazing food content out into the world.

Although we had, and, we wanted another place where the great food content from all of General Mills could come to life.

The opportunity to build a brand new food website from scratch was a dream come true. It’s always rewarding when you can be on a team working on something right from the very beginning to see it come to life.

With lots of hard work, we launched the original Tablespoon. It was exciting, and we did a good job.

And we had fun highlighting things like jelly shots – wiggly gelatin cocktails – which along with helped us find our path at

Jelly shot

But it didn’t take long for us to realize that visitors to the site were looking for something more.

So we made some changes and our editorial team started publishing our own original content, like blog posts about tailgating – and those recipes for jelly shots, like this one.

And people loved it. Particularly smaller, younger households more interested in fun food ideas than solving the daily dinner dilemma.

So we refocused Tablespoon in 2009 to talk to that group of people.

And it took off!

As we posted more content and added new contributors and bloggers, we learned what people really enjoy. Our fans have been telling us on Twitter and Facebook what they want to see, and ask us questions. We’re always learning what’s new in the food world.

Today, we’re taking another step to celebrate food with a redesign of Because we believe that eating and cooking are more than just something to do every day, they are expressions of who you are and we want to fuel that creativity.

What’s different?

The biggest change is the site’s appearance. Not only is it visually awesome, it’s designed to make finding what you’re looking for much easier, with new visual badges.


We’re also using smarter technology to show the most popular and relevant content instead of asking users to navigate through a traditional recipe library.

The new site looks great on your laptop, phone, or tablet – whatever you’re using to access it.

Who is behind Tablespoon?

Our core team consists of six people that are incredibly passionate about food. We all love trying the latest restaurants and experiencing international flavors. The Tablespoon purpose is ingrained in every member of the team. We’re connected to the pulse of what’s happening in food.

My favorite part of the Tablespoon story is sharing what we’ve learned – that when you find the right people and have the right support, you can really do remarkable things.

We feel good knowing Tablespoon will continue to be a go-to resource because we’re living our purpose – making people spark around food, giving them content that keeps them coming back for more and “sharing joyful noms.”

I’ve shared some more thoughts on the new site here.

But I’d love to know, what are your thoughts of the new site?