Pesto Kale
Nov 10, 2013 • By

Trends in pizza

America’s tastes are changing when it comes to pizza. The ordinary – pepperoni, sausage and so on – is giving way to the out of the ordinary, according to Madison Mayberry, a food editor in the Kitchens of General Mills.

Think unlikely combinations or ingredients, like kale and sweet potatoes.

As part of the 46th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest festivities in Las Vegas, Pillsbury hosted a day-long Food News Seminar today for bloggers and journalists.

Madison spoke in the lunch session – we served pizza, of course – about how her team recently explored trends in pizza using Pillsbury Pizza Crust.

In this video clip, Madison told me creativity with pizza is up to consumer.

Madison unveiled five pizza trends today:

Fresh Twist – Peachy Chicken Pizza with Herb Salad

Peach Chicken

“We’re seeing a lot of farm-to-table, which is not new, but it continues to have a lot of momentum and a lot of validity,” Madison said. “It’s a bright flavor like an herb salad versus a traditional heavy pizza.”

Fun and Playful – The Pudgy Pig Pizza

Pudgy Pig

“You’ll see a lot of crazy names and wacky combinations. It’s the play with your food movement but it’s moving beyond cute food crafts and it’s extending into a playful nature in developing recipes.”

Ethnic, Expanded – Moroccan Madness Pizza

Moroccan Madness

“It’s the idea that you’re going beyond the old ethnic,” said Madison. “We’re seeing heat around Moroccan and Caribbean flavors. Also, flavors from Africa or Chinese on a pizza, topped with egg plant and zucchini, and mint and oregano.”

Superfoods = Flavor – Pesto, Kale and Sweet Potato Pizza

Pesto Kale

“You’re adding nutrition but you’re also adding flavor. You’re not just adding kale because it’s healthy, it’s because you like the flavor of it. It’s really delicious.”

Elevated Classics – The Cheesy ’Shroom Pizza

Cheesy Shroom

“This trend deals with familiar ingredients but maybe they’re taken up a notch,” Madison said. “We’re seeing better cheeses, and unique high-quality ingredients.”

The pizzas you see above were all served at today’s lunch at the seminar, and were made with either Pillsbury’s thin, classic or artisan crusts.