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Multi-Grain Cheerios in Canada promotes “Generation Healthy”

Multi-Grain Cheerios Canada has launched an integrated communications campaign that’s designed to draw attention to the downside of dieting and the importance of living a healthier, more balanced life – mind, body, and spirit.

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“Too often, when people diet, it causes harm – emotionally and physically – and perpetuates a cycle of learned behavior,” says Jason Doolan, director of marketing, Cereal, at General Mills Canada. “We think there’s a better way to live and we’re making it our mission to educate adults on the powerful influence they can have on the next generation.”

Jason says their ultimate goal is that they’d like the current generation of adult women to be the last to diet.


“Proper nutrition and a balanced lifestyle are much more desirable and healthier than deprivation and the fallout often associated with dieting,” he says. “And when we stop dieting and start living with healthy balance, we empower the next generation to do the same.”

The commercial features girls engaged in a variety of fun and active experiences with copy lines drawing a double meaning between the activities and common phrases associated with dieting.

“We can use our brands in service of the greater good and not just in service of the bottom line,” says Dale Storey, vice president of marketing, General Mills Canada. “We want to promote deeper relationships with our consumers by letting them see us put our values into practice and by striving to make their world better.”

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